My Kiosk App

My Kiosk App

My Kiosk App

Transform your iPad into a touch screen device with your website.

My Kiosk allows you to display your website in a way that prevents users navigating away, which is ideal if you have a shop like a gallery, car yard, or any kind of shop that has large stock that cannot be displayed on one site.

Here are the features offered by My Kiosk:

* Configure the home page of your website
* Configure the links that are allowed
* Configure the links that need to be blocked
* Idle time before the app automatically redirects to your home page
* Lock / Unlock screen saver
* Debug mode to figure out the links that you want to allow and links that you want to block.
* Page loading progress control
* Automatic Portrait / Landscape mode when rotating the iPad
* Configure up to 3 different websites (Kiosks)

An iPad is an ideal touch screen device for customers to review and browse your website while in the store.

This is most useful if:
* you are unable to display your full range of stock in store (art gallery, car yards, etc…),
* you want them to browse for your company’s news and services,
* you want to capture their contact details,
* etc…

If you just use the web browser in your iPad, they’ll be able to start navigating away from your website by clicking external links, changing the URL manually, clicking ads, bookmarking pages, etc…

Off course you may need to secure your iPad to prevent customers from running away with it !


- Why do I see a blank screen after configuring my website?
Make sure you don’t put “http://” or “https://” in front of the URL and it will work.

- Does My Kiosk prevents user from clicking the Home button ?
No. If required, the Home button needs to be protected by an enclosure because Apps are not able to block it.